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To gear up for Earth Day in April (one of the company's larger marketing initiatives), I had an idea to run a March Madness themed interactive campaign. The objectives were to build brand awareness for our products using March Madness as creative leverage and to generate leads


Brainstorm concepts for the campaign, coordinate with the graphic design to create visual assets, select the software for the design, build out the March Madness contest, and deploy all emails and paid ads



  • Create a bracket-style tournament with four rounds spanning nearly a month and with 16 featured products for participants to vote

  • Generate leads by prompting visitors to enter their email to vote

  • Encourage sharing with social 'like' and 'share' buttons

  • Host tournament on website and on Facebook and drive website traffic and website visits through weekly emails and paid Facebook ads

  • Offer a 'thank you' coupon to all participants at the end of the campaign to drive sales and a free product to two lucky participants

  • MOVA Madness generated 1,506 emails, 2621 entrants, 123 social shares, and 9,673 page views with a 70% conversion rate   

  • Despite being primarily designed for brand awareness, the campaign brought in $1,423 in sales

  • Average email click rates doubled during campaign period

  • Overall, the campaign was effective in producing engagement, bring visitors back to the website, and introducing new eyes to the products


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