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 The idea to create a line of Sixth College merchandise was tossed around by my predecessor, but never took fruition. As the marketing director for the 2013-14 council term, I wanted to expand the role of the marketing committee and give it its own special project, so I decided to take up the torch. The goal was to design, distribute, and effectively promote student merchandise, breaking new ground for the college.


Lead a committee of students to bring the merchandise to life, meet with student affairs staff to ensure compliance with university guidelines, build out merchandise marketing plan, and select and work with outside vendors to create and print merchandise


  • Collect student votes on social media and through college newsletters in order to get feedback and direction on which apparel items to sell

  • Promote a survey to get feedback on the best designs, pricing, and quantity to order

  • Publicize the new line of apparel with fashion-inspired pictures and lookbooks

  • Launch apparel items at an event that features food, a photobooth, and music to encourage student attendence

  • Work with the Spirit Committee to increase school spirit and attendance at the event


  • Combined social media and event marketing led to sale of 70% of inventory on the first day of the launch

  • Sixth College staff began selling and distributing the apparel in their main office

  • Sixth apparel line became sold out by summer

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