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The goal for this campaign was to build brand awareness during the annual World Space Week holiday, while increasing sales for the MOVA Space product line, a collection of self-rotating globes modeled after the planets in our solar system.


Brainstorm concepts for the campaign, design and write copy for marketing assets (email, social media posts, landing pages), and implement paid social media ads. I came up with the "travel" concept that the team decided to use for the campaign.



  • Position World Space Week as an imaginative tour through the planets

  • Spotlight each planet and generate visitors' interest with clever copy and imagery across all campaign assets

  • Run Facebook ads to target users interested in space and direct them to a landing page on the MOVA website with an interactive slideshow of the planets

  • Capture new users with an email sign-up form

  • Feature a product discount for new visitors who sign-up for the email list, as well as to existing users. 


  • The World Space Week campaign generated 59% more sales than last year's campaign

  • Less popular SKUs in the space line benefited from the spotlights - two SKUs were part of top 10 most sold products of the month on the MOVA website

  • Website visits for the month exceeded by the goal by 14%

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