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Hello! I am a San Diego-based photographer and writer with a passion for modern design and wellness. I have a B.A. in Communication from UC San Diego and currently do content writing for a real estate start-up.

I first developed an interest in design and photography back in 2012, and it was then that he decided to pursue a career in content marketing. Over the years, I've developed a nuanced understanding of branding and how to turn complex ideas into compelling content, both written and visual.

I've had the pleasure of creating content for companies like Shutterfly, Casper, Pacaso, MOVA Globes, and Siege Media. I hope to continue working with brands to create stellar content.

"Tony was incredibly encouraging, friendly, and communicative to help me look the best I could in the photos. His work produced a wonderful collection of photos that I feel really helped capture the love between my partner and me. I honestly keep revisiting these photos because seeing them invokes so much warmth and happiness."

— Cindy L.

"Tony was an absolute pleasure to work with. My husband and I are a bit awkward posing in front of the camera, and Tony made us feel so comfortable. He was very patient and easy to get along with. He actually got my husband to smile and caught great candid photos of us! Thank you Tony for making our wedding pictures so beautiful!"

— Abigail J.

"He's good about making sure you're comfortable while giving you direction. Throughout my experience with him, I felt more like I was spending time with a friend than I was trying to get photos taken."

— To-Van H.

"Tony was a blast to work with! He was a personable, friendly, and caring photographer who did not just care about earning a paycheck, but about taking quality photos for my needs."

— James D.

Notes from past clients.

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